3D Lift Plans

 Detailed Printouts - Highly accurate 3D rendering of your lift - from any angle. A realistic rendering of your jobsite. Printouts also display the crane and rigging configuration, crane capacity, load details, notes, and your company information.



3d2Lift Simulation
3D Lift Plan will automatically monitor the crane’s capacity while you change the boom angle, jib offset, load location, crane location, or lift radius.








Dimensions - Lift radius, load height, and obstructions dimensions, or custom dimensions to your lift plans.




Ground Bearing Pressure
Crawler loads and outrigger loads are automatically calculated, as well as ground bearing pressure below crane mats.



Crane Mats - Steel or wood mat configuration and the ground bearing pressure below the mats and the amount of stress being applied to the mats will be calculated to make sure your design is sufficient.



Critical Lift Worksheet Printed worksheets for your jobs that includes job information, crane information, and a pre-lift checklist.


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